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The origin of the 
Lamonde family name

Originally, we were Couture, because our first ancestor in New France was Guillaume Couture. He came from the city of Rouen, in Normandy, France.

Guillaume and his wife Anne had ten children, five daughters and five sons. According to a custom of that time, each young man was given a nickname. So, the elder son, Jean-Baptiste, added the nickname Lamonde to Couture, his family name, and became Couture-Lamonde, or Couture dit (said) Lamonde.
Charles, the sixth child of the family, added the nickname Lafrenay to become Couture-Lafrenay, or Couture dit Lafrenay. Guillaume, the seventh child and third son, kept Couture only as his family name and he is the ancestor of most of the Couture. Eustache, the ninth child, added the nickname Bellerive and became Couture-Bellerive, or Couture dit Bellerive. Joseph-Odger, the last son, added LaCressonnière and became Couture-LaCressonnière or Couture dit LaCressonnière. At that time though, the family names varied, and some called themselves Couture-Lamonde as well as Couture said Lamonde. And so on for the other family names. 

Among the four sons who added a nickname to Couture, many later dropped the second name and remained simply Couture. 

Jean-Baptiste, the first one of the Couture said Lamonde, had seven children, of whom three sons. The elder son, Guillaume, was born and died in Saint-Pierre of Orleans Island (1691-1750) after two marriages, without a son. The second son, Joseph, was born in Saint-Pierre of Orleans Island (1693-1760) and died there. Among his descendants, he left a few Lamonde families in Quebec area and many Couture descendants living nowadays in the Lotbiniere region. The third son, Alexis Couture said Lamonde, established himself at Montmagny and was deported to England as a prisoner, following the battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759. Born in 1695, Alexis is believed to have died around 1768. He was the ancestor of the Lamonde of Montmagny region, at Saint-François and at Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud. 

Many Lamonde from the region of Montmagny immigrated to the United States during the large migration era of the 19th and 20th centuries. The Association strives to retrace them and call upon all Lamonde descendants to find them and their right place in the genealogical tree. 

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