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History of the Association

Brother Jean-Marie-Lamonde, CSV, founded the Association of the Lamonde families with the collaboration of his sister Corrine and a cousin, Numa Lamonde. Originally, it intended to regroup the descendants of Urbain Couture said Lamonde (1834-1916) and of Julie Buteau (1839-1916) who had left numerous descendants in the region of Montmagny, mainly in Saint-François. In 2004, the Association was legally incorporated as a non-profit organisation. 

Since the foundation, a dozen of great gatherings were held, generally in Saint-François-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud (Montmagny County) where had lived the couple Urbain/Julie, their children and many of their grand children. A genealogy of the Lamonde family was drawn up regrouping nowadays more than 6 200 persons. 

However, in the years 1990-1999, the board of direction of the Association worked to broaden the framework of the organisation in order to regroup the whole of the Lamonde descendants from the son of Guillaume Couture, Jean-Baptiste, the first on to be called by the name of Lamonde. So, at the gathering of 1999, many Lamonde belonging to various branches of the great family were invited and became part of the Association. And now, the board of direction and the Association are opened to all these persons.

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